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A small, literacy-focused, non-profit organization affiliated with United Way and located in Jackson County, Indiana.  


Our mission is focused on increasing the literacy of adults and children in our community.  Through various programs, we hope to improve participants' lives with increased job skills to help them find gainful employment, English language classes to communicate effectively, book giveaways, and Little Free Libraries to make books available to anyone.  To encourage literacy from birth, we give a new board book and a blanket to all babies born at Schneck Hospital in Seymour, IN. #literacybeginsatbirth. Also in 2021, to assist area elementary school children struggling in reading, we are endeavoring to have reading tutors in place at local after-school programs for students reading 12-18 months below grade level in 1st- 5th grade. 

 We are building a future in which more people can navigate the world with dignity.

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