Make a change!

You can help support literacy for all!

To provide a duffle, pair of pajamas, new age-appropriate book, and a stuffed friend for a Jackson County Foster child.  $50


To provide a new board book and a receiving blanket for one (1) newborn at Schneck Medical Center.  $5


To provide one (1)  local homeless child with a new duffle bag, age-appropriate book, socks, journal or coloring book, markers or crayons, hygiene items, snacks, stuffed animal, and a warm blanket.



To provide a duffle for one (1) foster child in Jackson County. $10


To provide new board books and blankets for ten (10) newborns at Schneck Medical Center. $50


To provide one stuffed toy for a homeless or foster child.  $10


Updated: Oct 9, 2020

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